In addition to the constant search for the best raw materials and techniques that provide safety and health to our furry friends, Bagel&fs doesn’t forget the environmental impact of its choices and that is why it’s based on a notable premise: An alliance with the world.

We believe that together we can improve what we have been spoiling over the past few years. Even though the small size we currently have, the choices we make and the projects we are allied to, in order to contribute to a better world, are very big.


We are very proud to announce that we have become partners with One Tree Planted.

Trees are extremely important for our planet. They clean the air, water, create habitats for millions of species, and contribute to our health. But they are disappearing …

One Tree Planted is a non-profit organization committed to global reforestation. Their mission is to reforest the planet, planting tree by tree, with everyone’s help. Trees are being killed faster than they can grow, it’s up to us to start changing this!

For every purchase you make at Bagel&fs (not applicable to CARE products), you are planting a tree in Amazon: the lungs of our planet that have been threatened in recent years. Could it be any simpler than this? You can know more about this organization through the link below and, if you have the chance, you can plant more trees. It only costs 1 $ each.

Sheldrick Wild Life Trust is one of the pioneering organizations in the conservation and protection of wildlife and habitat in East Africa. in order to combat these challenges, Sheldrick Wild Life Trust has developed several field projects, so that humans and wild animals can find a balance and live in harmony for the next generations. One of them is the Orphanage that collects elephants, rhinos and giraffes that are orphaned, lost, hurt or at risk, such as Maktao and Pika Pika.

Maktao and Pika Pika are two elephants, among many others, currently living at the Sheldrick Wild Life Trust orphanage in Kenya, adopted by Bagel&fs.
We will, over time, through our social networks, let you know a little more about the history of these two babies. Stay tuned, these are inspiring stories.

By accessing the page of this organization, you can get more information about all the projects and, who knows, you also have the opportunity to adopt an orphan.
If you do, we would love to meet your new family member, not only for the happiness that brings us to know that our message is having an effect, but also that there is someone else allied to this great project.


& Leashes

Handmade by artisans, in soft leather,
tanned with plant extracts


Handmade tradicional pottery.
The wole process ir 100% natural

& Headbands

Handmade in 100% wool fabric


The choice of packaging was one of our biggest concerns. We know that it is just a package, with a very short lifespan to fulfill its main purpose.

Thinking about reducing its environmental impact we chose packhelp and noissue to develop our packaging.- The card is recycled and recyclable.

– The inks used are soy-based

– The tissue paper that surrounds the products is completely acid-free and FSC certified.

– The polybag is compostable, made from sugars and natural oils, and deteriorates within 10 to 12 weeks without leaving harmful residues behind.

In addition to the concern in choosing the ecological components, we will give tips on our social networks, so that you can reuse and give a new life to these materials.

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