Bagel&fs (Bagel and friends) is a dog accessories brand, based on the concept of Slow Design, guided by high-quality standards of its products.

From the choice of leather, tanned with plant extracts, through the composition of 100% wool textiles, to our packaging and other 100% ecological communication elements, everything was thought out in detail, with a strong focus on the sustainability and durability of each piece.

All accessories are handmade, by Portuguese artisans with years of experience in their art. All this combined with an exclusive and elegant design that will bring more class and comfort to the walks with your furry friend.

Bagel&fs promises a design with practicality for the owners and maximum comfort and safety for your dogs, never forgetting the distinction of each piece.


O Bagel is a 2-year-old English Bulldog, born on August 25, 2017, in Portugal. He is crazy about all types of food but absolutely nuts by Banana and Coconut Oil.

In addition to food, he’s a professional thief of toilet paper rolls (and yes … he eats them). Unlike many bulldogs, he never learned to skate because he prefers to eat them too.

If stubbornness had a kingdom, Bagel would be king, for sure. He hates being alone. He sulks whenever he feels this is going to happen and has the skills to organize a super reception in seconds when we arrive. Whether our absence lasted 3 hours or just 1 minute.

He loves to go for a walk, run on the grass, on the beach and sleep for hours during the day. It’s a dog with a strong personality and hilarious attitudes that you can follow closely by following the brand on our social networks and adding your furry friends to the Bagel’s friends tribe.

Susana is Bagel’s mum. Designer by profession, she saw at an unexpected moment in her career, the perfect opportunity for the realization of a personal and old dream: the creation of her own brand.

That is how Bagel&fs was born, after months of ups and downs, marked by challenges inherent to the initiation process, a collection of accessories designed and made with lots of love.


In addition to the constant search for the best raw materials and techniques that transmit safety and health to our furry friends, Bagel&fs doesn’t forget the environmental impact in its choices, and that’s why it is based on a notable premise: An alliance with the world. We believe that together we have the power to improve what we have been spoiling over the past years. We’re still a small brand, but we believe that small gestures create big achievements.

Awareness for a better world is one of the key motives, coupled with all the choices made for this brand.

In addition to a careful choice of materials of our accessories and packaging, for every purchase you make, you will be planting a tree in the amazon: the lungs of our planet that have been threatened in recent years.

Through this link, you can get more information about the One Tree Planted project, an organization that works every day to make the planet where we live a better place.

Unfortunately, not only the flora suffers from our unrestrained consumption. In many regions of Africa, major challenges are faced every day, ranging from poaching to habitat destruction.

That is why Bagel&fs adopted Maktao and Pika Pika. Maktao and Pika Pika are two baby elephants, part of a large group of other animals that currently live in the Sheldrick Wild Life Trust orphanage in Kenya.


After this long journey, which was the creation of the brand, Susana and Bagel, contrary to what happened previously, spend more time together during the day, in an improvised office at home, where they work daily to create new products (well, Bagel sleeps…), and give the best service and support to all of you.

We are waiting for you to join our tribe, giving more glamor to your walks while contributing to a better planet.

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