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Skin Soother® Tin 30ml


The ultimate organic healing balm! Skin Soother is packed with healing herbs that are naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory. This incredible dog healing balm helps to prevent / treat infections, speed recovery and reduce scarring. Skin Soother creates a nourishing barrier to block contamination while deeply healing and soothing affected areas. Definitely a pup-aid-kit essential!

Treats and Heals
– Wounds, cuts, scrapes, burns
– Acne, rashes, skin irritations
– Hot spots, yeast & fungal infections
– Dry, flaky and itchy skin
– Allergy symptoms
– Post surgery treatment
– Reduces scarring
– Soothing discomfort
– Inflamed bug bites

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ORGANIC COCOA BUTTER – Antioxidant, soothes sensitive skin, restorative and scar minimizer.
ORGANIC SWEET ALMOND OIL – Skin softener and conditioner loaded with vitamins and phytosterols.
ORGANIC COCONUT OIL – Extremely hydrating, seals in moisture while allowing skin to breathe, natural emulsifier.
ORGANIC SAFFLOWER OIL – Ideal for boosting the quality and appearance of your skin. Scar and blemish reducer.
CANDELILLA WAX – Vegan alternative to beeswax with high ester, fatty acid and moisture retaining properties.
SEA BUCKTHORN OIL – Loaded with antioxidants, vitamins C & E. Perfect for treating burns and wounds.
LAVENDER – A natural anti-inflammatory, helps reduce itching, swelling and redness.
CHAMOMILE – Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, mild astringent and healing medicine.
FRANKINCENSE – Natural antiseptic, disinfectant and astringent. It helps heal boils, infected wounds and inflammation.
MYRRH – Natural antimicrobial, astringent and anti-fungal. Used to fight viral and fungal infections.
VETIVER – An anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. Benefits muscular aches and dry/cracked skin.
NIAOULI – An analgesic, bactericidal and antiseptic. Relieves pain, kills bacteria and inhibits bacterial growth and infections.
BENZOIN – Used as a fixative, slowing the dispersion of essential oils and other fragrant materials.
NATURAL VITAMIN E – Extreme antioxidant and preservative that boosts collagen production and cell regeneration.

DIRECTIONS: If dirt or debris are evidence, cleanse area if possible before application. Use two fingers to scoop a small amount and gently apply to affected area. Or, for no mess application, use a small beauty pad or low-absorbant cloth. Apply one to three times daily. Frequent application to open wounds is important to protect against infections and to kill any existing bacteria. Be sure to generously, covering the entire area. Decrease use with improvement.
DISTRACTION: Distractions are key! Using treats (peanut butter works great!), applying right before mealtime, or following with a belly rub are great distractions to allow time for the product to work it’s magic!

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