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I still have no kids and honestly the idea of having a newborn near Bagel scares me a little (he is very crazy and strong). I always knew unconsciously, since I have always grown up with dogs my whole life, that dogs are beneficial for children's growth.

However, in this article, you can find concrete situations that will consciously lead you to make the best of dogs for the development of your children.
(you can find the research and studies’ links at the end of the article)

Dogs & Children vs. Stress


99 children were invited to a study. They had to do a 5-minute autobiographical speech. The speech was going to be transmitted by video to the researchers who were supposed to evaluate them (to increase stress levels). Half of them had dogs in the room and the other half didn’t.

“Kids who had their dogs present felt much happier throughout the whole process,” Kerns says.


The experience became even less stressful when the dogs were not only in the room but also in contact with the child. 

“When people are around pets and petting them, they often feel calmer inside,” explains Kerns.

We all know that dogs are our most loyal friends. They also provide us with moments of fun and tranquility. These terrific characteristics that only they have, bring us a feeling of extra confidence and tranquility when they are close.

Furthermore, compared to humans, dogs have the huge capacity to see and hear us, without judging or evaluating us.

In the other studies (you can consult them at the end) we learn that growing up with pets is directly related to the increment of self-confidence, cognitive development, and social skills.

Let's list THE MAIN 5 BENEFITS of the impact of dogs on our children's development


REDUCING ANXIETY AND STRESS - dogs can provide emotional social support and companionship for children when in contact with them.

RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS - We all know that when we go for a walk, everyone wants to stop and cuddle our dog. They are authentic socializing magnets. Let your child walk their pup. The dog will be a great vehicle to start a conversation or to win a new friend in the park.

MORE PHYSICALLY ACTIVE - Having dogs is a fantastic excuse for frequent family outings.

TIME MANAGEMENT - Your kid will need to plan ahead to have time to feed, walk, and care for their furry friend. Help them create a calendar with a daily to-do list.

FEWER BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS  - With dogs, your children will learn the true sense of companionship, protection, and unconditional love.


If you don't have a dog yet, don't rush to get one. You need to think hard if you really can and want it. Despite these benefits, dogs are not always cute and fun, they make a lot of mess, require attention, time commitment, and expense. Having a dog was one of the most assertive choices of my life, and I’ve never regretted it even when he drives me crazy. But it may not be the right option for all of us. <3